Department of Environmental Protection

Ottawa Tribe of Oklahoma
Department of Environmental Protection

811 3rd St.
Miami, OK 74354
Phone: 918-541-1902
Fax: 918-541-1904

Ottawa Tribal Cemetery Project
The Environmental Department of the Ottawa Tribe of Oklahoma currently works under the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) General Assistance Program (GAP) and the 106 Clean Water Act (CWA) Grants. The department has also received funding from the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) for Natural Resource Damage Assessment and Restoration. This funding helps area tribes downstream of the Tar Creek Superfund Site to perform studies to determine how their jurisdictions have been impacted from mine waste. Our department actively participates with the other impacted tribes to develop possible restoration plans to restore resources that have been damaged or lost.

The Environmental Department has implemented a recycling program at the Adawe Community Center and is hoping to branch out into the community in the upcoming years. We have also provided Will Rogers Middle School with a large recycling bin to compliment their recycling efforts. We are able to accept aluminum, plastics #1& 2, paper, cardboard, glass, cans, and old telephone books etc. Recycling can also be dropped off at Red Cedar Recycling Center located at 202 D NE in Miami.

Office staff consists of:
Cheryl Stafford, Environmental Director
Lori Bailey, Assistant Director
Tabitha Panvelle, Environmental Specialist

2009/2010 Heavy Metals Concentration Of Stream Sediment And Floodplain Soil Within The 6 Treaty Tribes Historic Jurisdictional Lands

Pilot Study To Assess Volume Of Mine Waste And Concentration Of Selected Metals In Stream And Floodplain Sediments Within The Tri-State Mining District In Kansas, Missouri, And Oklahoma

Reconnaissance Assessment of Heavy Metals in the Clay Fraction of Sediments Downstream of the Tar Creek Superfund Site in Northeastern Oklahoma

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