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Tribal Enrollment Services

New Enrollment 

The Ottawa tribe does not allow dual enrollment.
All enrollment requests must be submitted with an application. This procedure became effective July 1, 2010. You will find the enrollment application in this newsletter and future newsletters as well as our website.

Ottawa Tribe Membership Cards

Our new cards are made of a hard white plastic (like a driver’s license), with a hologram protective coating as well as an area for a photo and signature. All members will receive their first card free; replacement cards will cost $5.00 each, due to the cost of equipment and production supplies.
We are pleased to offer a Tribal Membership ID Card Application with a PHOTO option; the photo option on the application will allow you to have your picture on your card without coming into the office to get your picture taken. The instructions/procedures with the application will be strictly enforced, to assure to the best of our ability that we are creating a legitimate document. Please keep in mind, these cards are not state approved ID’s, and therefore may not be recognized as such. The Tribe issues the card as an Ottawa Tribe Membership Identification Card.


CDIB Cards are now produced by the Tribe here is the application process if you need a CDIB Card.

Tribal Enrollment




Contact the Tribal Enrollment Clerk

Get In Touch With Us

Contact the Administration Office, Enrollment Dept. with questions, updates or to request applications

Phone: 918-540-1536 or 877-540-1536

Fax: 918-542-3214

Email: (Include “Tribal Enrollment” on subject line)

Please remember to keep the Tribal Enrollment Office updated. Contact us with address changes, names changes and additions or losses within your family. Your help is needed and appreciated in the effort to keep our Tribal records current.

Thank you,

Tara Massey, Tribal Enrollment Clerk

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