Business of

The Ottawa Tribe

The Business of

The Ottawa Tribe

The headquarters of the Ottawa Tribe of Oklahoma is Miami. Their tribal jurisdictional area is in Ottawa County. In the early 21st century, there are 2,500 enrolled tribal members; 737 live within the state of Oklahoma. The tribe bases membership qualifications on direct lineal descent; that is, they have no minimum blood quantum requirement.

The tribe operates a Community Health Program and the Healthy Living Center in Miami, as well as a Department of Environmental Protection. The tribe publishes the Adawe News for its tribal members. It offers Ottawa language classes. The Ottawa Tribe of Oklahoma's annual powwow is held every Labor Day weekend.

High Winds Casino

The best party on the out skirts of town. With over 400 slot machines, monthly promotions and food that is loved by the locals. High Winds Casino is where players are known by name and can feel at home.. 
61475 E 100 Rd,
Miami, OK 74354

Adawe Travel Plaza

Within sight of High Winds Casino, the Adawe Travel Plaza welcomes travelers on Hwy 10 and 137 just 3 miles outside of Miami, Oklahoma. The plaza offers a full line of convenience foods and drinks, a seating area, restrooms that double as storm shelters, an ATM, and 12 fueling pumps with all grades of fuel, 100 percent gasoline, ethanol and more including five diesel pumps and tractor trailer drive-thru duel tank fueling bays for fast service.

61000 E 100 Rd Miami, OK 74354

Otter Stop

Located at the gateway arch of Miami's Rt. 66 at the intersection of Steve Owens Boulevard and Main Street in Miami. 

301 S Main St. 
Miami, OK 74354

Ottawa Tobacco & Gift Shop

Offering a large variety of unique items with native American designs, decor and of course handmade jewelry from locals as well as those from Colorado and New Mexico.

Ottawa University

Student centered for 150 years, which means we recognize the educational value of what you have already accomplished.

Otter Cove Diner 7 Gift Shop

Experience a classic diner meal in a nostalgic atmosphere from a time when milkshakes were shared, and vinyl records were played in a glowing jukebox. Complete with spinning bar stools and filled with Native American and Rt 66 history.

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